Skates away! Christmas ice-skating in Paris

Baby it’s cold outside, and if you’re feeling like you want to earn your festive glass of vin chaud or those cinnamon infused Christmas biscuits; what better way than to spend an hour or more on the ice?

The brilliant news about living in Paris is the possibility of ice-skating for next to nothing – paying merely to rent your skates for an hour.

Ice-skating is fun, something you can enjoy alone or with friends and a great way to stay active in this cold weather. So while your morning run may be as appealing as jumping in the ice-cold Seine at this time of year, and the prospect of indoor exercise puts you off because of those smug French gym bunnies who don’t seem to break a sweat or increase in body temperature after 45 minutes pounding the treadmill…heading to some of these beautiful central Paris locations for an outdoor, after-work or weekend endorphin-rush could be a welcome replacement. Get your skates on!

1. The Eiffel Tower (Trocadero)


Not only do you get La Tour Eiffel standing spectacularly in the background; the rink at Trocadero also features a ‘Santa’s Village’ of log cabins for Christmas treats and last minute gifts.

2. Hotel de Ville


The gorgeous Hotel de Ville building hosts an outdoor ice-rink each year which remains until early March. Perfectly located for a Paris Sunday, afterwards you can enjoy roaming the artistic haunts of the nearby Marais.

3. Champs-Elysées

IMG_0534 IMG_0535

This year the Christmas market on the Champs-Elysees features an outdoor ice-rink, complete with a special section for little ones learning to skate for the first time. Buffered between the Grande Roue de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe at the end of a light-infused, tree-lined avenue, not to mention the countless culinary and craft delights at the market itself, this is a wonderful way to spend a chilly December evening.








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